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At 11:08am on September 10, 2008, John Leslie Butchart said…
I love that awesome, spooky photo. Sorry I didn't see you on the mountain this summer.
At 7:18pm on September 11, 2008, Linda Erday said…
That is a good photo, Les is right. I missed the mountain too this year, trying to juggle family and work. Will schedule a bit better next year, I hope!
Stay well.
At 6:58am on September 12, 2008, Lois Gray said…
Hi Sherry, I drove a friend the length of the Mornington Peninsula today in delightful sunshine. We lunched at a resort called Sorrento. Such a pleasurable thing to do.
Les has asked for photos, so when I get a moment I'll post some. Thanks for the contact
At 7:32pm on September 12, 2008, Sonia Rapaport said…
Hey Sherry!
Good to see you here. Congrats on the anthology publication!
Thanks for looking at the site and the nice words. Keeping my fingers crossed it's a good fundraiser.

Have a great weekend,
At 12:03am on September 13, 2008, Lois Gray said…
Hi Sherry, I have just finished a feature story on the goldfields up around Maryborough and Dunolly. Did quite a bit of research for it. We often visit the area on our metal detecting trips. Any suggestions where I might offer it in the US?
At 1:52am on September 14, 2008, Scott D. Morrow said…
Hi, Sherry! What a surprise finding you here! Just wanted to let you know I read your story from the anthology and thought it was great! You're a fantastic writer!
At 4:18am on September 14, 2008, Lois Gray said…
Many thanks, Sherry. I'll follow up your suggestions and await any others you can add. Would love to read some of your work.
At 12:33pm on September 14, 2008, Gary Greer said…
Yes, how pleasing. You were missed this year, but, a number of people have assured me, you will not be forgiven again. Would love to see you before then, though. By chance, are you planning to attend the new event, the fall gathering at Wildacres? Meeting Lois Gray was a highlight for me this year. As you may have heard, we "performed" together under Judi's direction at the Gong Show. Hoping to stay in touch,

At 12:39pm on September 14, 2008, Gary Greer said…
Here's a little memento from 2007.


Sherry, I am not sure that the actual photo was uploaded. If you will send me your regular email address, I can send the photo(s) a different way.

At 4:00pm on September 14, 2008, Janice Fuller said…
Hi, Sherry. Something has been wrong with computer this week. This is the first time I've been able to get the link to WriteNow comments to open without freezing my laptop. It's great to hear from you. I missed you last year. I hope, hope you'll be on the mountain this year.
At 6:23am on September 15, 2008, Hugh Spinks said…
Hi, Sherry! Thanks for the kind words. Yes, encouragement is most welcome, especially from other writers. I think Les has done an amazing job with this site, and I'm hoping that it becomes a nice comfortable place for writers to mingle and exchange ideas. I'll be seeing you!
At 8:21am on September 15, 2008, Lois Gray said…
Thank you, Sherry

Looking forward to reading your article. Lois
At 5:07pm on September 17, 2008, John Leslie Butchart said…
Thanks for the marketing ideas, Sherry. I'll follow up. //Les
At 12:17am on September 18, 2008, Sherry Audette Morrow said…
Hi Everyone,
I just want to let you all know that the anthology "New Lines From the Old Line State: An Anthology of Maryland Writers" has been added to the Bookbed page. This is a wonderful collection of short fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry edited by Ally Peltier and published by the Maryland Writers' Association. I am proud to have my short story "Imprints" included with work by writers whom I greatly admire. Three of the pieces in the anthology, I am also proud to report, were first published in my magazine, "Scribble." Following is Ally's description of the book and its inception:

For over twenty years, the Maryland Writers’ Association has nurtured and supported the Maryland literary arts community. Now, for the first time, select MWA members deliver a riveting introduction to the region’s writing community in MWA Books’ debut anthology, New Lines from the Old Line State: An Anthology of Maryland Writers (ISBN: 978-0-9820032-0-6, pub 9/15/08).

New Lines features 36 pieces of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction—a rich and varied selection of contemporary literature from 29 stylistically and culturally diverse writers. The authors have been featured in publications such as Potomac Review, the Baltimore Review, Christian Science Monitor, Chattahoochee Review, Slow Trains, the Arabesques Review, Poetry Online, Chesapeake Life magazine, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, Scribble magazine, and Writers Weekly. The authors have also been winners of the Maryland Literary Arts Award, the Maryland Individual Artist Award, and awards from the Atlantic Monthly, among others.

New Lines celebrates and continues Maryland’s literary legacy—one that stretches as far back as America’s written history. For Maryland’s cities and shores have long inspired literary greats such as Edgar Allan Poe and Gertrude Stein, as well as more contemporary writers such as Madison Smartt Bell and Laura Lippman. The bombardment of Maryland’s Fort McHenry was even Francis Scott Key’s inspiration for America’s national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

You will enjoy the artistic vision of Maryland authors as they take you on a tour of the state and beyond. With seven essays, fourteen poems, and fifteen short stories in genres ranging from mystery to fantasy to literary fiction, New Lines from the Old Line State has it all.
At 2:34am on September 20, 2008, Lois Gray said…
Thank you, Sherry

I am still learning how to use this site as, I am sure, are others. I enjoyed reading "Mean Girls Grown Up". The behavioural pattern the article deals with is, unfortunately, alive and well in many workplaces, including mine. Often takes a mature mind to deal with it. Cheers Lois
At 1:35am on November 12, 2008, John Leslie Butchart said…
I'm glad you got something out of them. I knew nothing about David before news of his death, but he was a heck of a guy. What a tragic loss. Les
At 12:16am on November 16, 2008, Carole Mehle said…
Hi, Sherry! You and Olga were missed at Wildacres this year. You've got to get back. The writing's going well; the publishing is not. Be on the look out for a submission from me.
At 5:23am on February 10, 2009, Lois Gray said…
Hi Sherry, Yes we are fine here on the Mornington Peninsula. But our beautiful state of Victoria has been gutted. I heard a figure of 350,000 hectares having been burnt. More than 700 homes have gone and tonight our Premier has said that he believes the loss of life will be more than 200. The count is already 181. The fires are still burning in northern Victoria and to the east in Gippsland, but the threat has lessened considerably. The stories of tragedy and loss are heart wrenching, like the father who took his two children to where he thought they would be safe, returned to fight and save his home, only to find later that they had perished. We are all terribly traumatised, but are counting our blessings, too. Thanks for thinking of us. Lois

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