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This network was set up to provide advice and encouragement to writers. There are a number of great videos for you to enjoy. Many of them were shot at Wildacres Writing Workshop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

We hope you'll join BAF by setting up your own member page, and we appreciate your feedback as develop the site further.

Fugitive is proud to announce the publication of Sons of Noah: The Awakening. You can purchase a copy of the trade paperback at Amazon by clicking here.


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AT RANDOM by Lee Zacharias

PopMatters Book Reviews

'Fade To Gray' Is an Insightful Study of Aging in American Cinema

Timothy Shary and Nancy McVittie’s rewarding, accessible study explores representations of aging and older characters in American film from early cinema to the present-day.

The view of American cinema generally, and Hollywood cinema in particular, as youth-obsessed is so prevalent as to be cliché. Yet it’s a perspective that might well seem to have become more accurate than ever over the last couple of decades, since the success of the Scream and American Pie franchises consolidated the infantilisation of US film in the late '90s. Fade to Gray, the new book by Timothy Shary and Nancy McVittie, seeks to…

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